Word Ways Free

By Collective Entertainment

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How to play?
Just tap on letters to create words! Try to clear bonus lines to receive bonuses such as +3, Double Letter, and more! Clear a bonus line with a bonus on it to upgrade it! Turn that double word into a triple word! Even a triple word into a Quadruple! That's a lot of points!

Pay close attention to each letter score and where bonuses are placed on the board. Play the bonus lines as often as possible to maximize your scores!

Even if you cannot find a large word, do not worry, being fast counts! WordWays comes with two modes: Classic & Countdown. Each one rewarding you with additional boards and extra time to level up! Create up to 9 letter words... if you can make it that far!
Anagram word game meets classic puzzle gameplay!

Word Game?
Yes! Just find the hidden word or any 2 letter word to score points!

A Puzzle Game?
5k - 10k
11 years ago