WFD: The Game

By Part12 Studios

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Welcome to the WFD for mobile. Experience what it is like to be a WFD champ! Play anywhere, anytime! For iOS and Android. See if you have what it takes to be the WFD Mobile champion. iOS users tap into Game Center to compete globally. Android users, track your own personal best on your device for best score and stroke count.

Choose between two game modes:

- Rock out with Arcade Mode which focuses on points acquired in a heavy metal apocalypse with performance bonuses as you unleash pure speed into the world!

- Be a purist with Pro Mode where it is you and the Drumometer, no frills, just raw speed. See how fast you really are!

- Bluetooth Keyboard Support. Sync up any BT keyboard and hit A and L to move the left and right drum sticks!

- Auto performance adjusting of arcade game detail to insure solid performance regardless of device speed.
Welcome to WFD: The Game!

Its here finally! Worlds Fastest Drummer, the official extreme sport of speed drumming has arrived! The rules are simple:
10 - 50
11 years ago