Real Aquarium Live wallpaper

By Z App

Install from the Market:

The real aquarium is an amazing free live wallpaper of caribbean fishes for Android. It has differents backgrounds of corals and typical ocean's scenaries to be choosen.
One of the posible fishes to add is the famous clownfish like Nemo (of the computer animated film "Finding Nemo")
Also, this live wallpaper has bubbles and light effects.
It has cool graphs and It has a very low battery consumption.
Try it and you will not regret it!
Enjoy it!

first you have to download it, then: home - menu - wallpapers - live wallpapers.
The real aquarium live wallpaper is the most advanced emulation of real living aquarium. It has all the features of paid versions of other aquarium
12 years ago
Program was removed from android market