Nuclear Power live wallpaper

By Infomedia BH

How to make an nuclear power plant in minecraft useing IC2 RP2 Computer craft 1.3 "Part 3"

List of mods:
Risugami's Mod Loader AND Audio mod (Get them both)
Flan's ModLoaderMP
Minecraft Forge V1.3.1
Convenient Inventory
ChickenBones' NEI
Buildcraft 3.1.x
Equivalent Exchange 6.x
Industrial Craft
Logistics Pipes
Red Power 2.0 PRE4d (Download on top right of screen).
Wireless Redstone -- I'm using the Wireless Remote addon as well, scroll down to find it.
Zeldo's Additional Pipes (Teleport Pipes) maintained by Dastormbringer -- Get V34 for BC 3.x
Code Chicken CORE (Required for NEI)
Ender Chests
The Laser Mod
Sneaky Pipes
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The nuclear power free live wallpaper
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12 years ago