MultiTouch Visualizer 2

By Luke Hutchison

Uzu is now available in the app store!

Uzu a kinetic art toy for anyone who's ever wanted to grab the stars and throw them across the sky. Uzu uses 10 different modes of interaction and each one blends into the next creating a near-infinite variety of animations. You can play with Uzu for hours and still find new things. Uzu is about creativity and exploration.

Uzu is good for:
- Adults and kids
- Playing with friends
- Choreographing to Music with the iPod app
- Relaxing after work
- Feeling like you're controlling the universe

Animation Modes:
0 Touch: brownian motion and boundary wrap
1 Touch: emanate and radiate
2 Touch: pinch attraction and boundary bounce
3 Touch: tri-point vortex
4 Touch: quad-point inverted vortex
5 Touch: 3d freeze and translate
6 Touch: 3d oscillating mass
7 Touch: 3d tri-arm spiral
8 Touch: 3d warp and inverted translate
9 Touch: 9 springy space ribbons
10 Touch: change color and particle size

Uzu is already working on new features, stay tuned.
Visualizer for multi-touch (pinch-zoom), shows 2-4+ multitouch points on capable devices (G2, Galaxy S, Captivate, Evo); how many on your phone?
100k - 500k
14 years ago