Midgard Rising 1 - 3D MMORPG

By Veraxon Entertainment

Google Play link: http://bit.ly/IkooH0 ; iTunes link: http://bit.ly/IsMkHd
Mac & PC download link: http://bit.ly/Igae91

Forum http://worldofmidgard.com/womforum

Main site: http://worldofmidgard.com/
WoM on Facebook http://on.fb.me/eRIl5P
Twitter: http://twitter.com/WorldOfMidgard

World Of Midgard is 3D MMORPG for iPhone,iPad and Android phones and tablets.

You can download FanKit with concept images of maps, characters, mobs, interface here
IMPORTANT: Get "MIDGARD RISING 2" from google play instead! This is previous version and it is no longer updated.

Note: Game works only on Android
100k - 500k
10 years ago
Program was removed from android market