Halo Cheats

By SmartApps7

Download Here:

New tutorial made by TheRedspider2a here:

How to download:

You will need open ssh and a jailbroken iphone/ipod

Here is an easy tutorial on how to get open ssh


1. Open ssh into your device

2. Go to var/mobile/applications

3. Then you should see folders with random letters and numbers

4. Look through each folder untill you find the NOVA.app

5. Then unzip the file you downloaded and go to N.O.V.A Halo Mod

6. Move all of those files into the NOVA.app folder

7. Cheats are optional but please don't use them online

8. Respring or roboot

9. Play


ijailbr3ak - Icon, Intro, Boot screen, Install instructions
utongrag - Menu, sounds
eicca - Gameplay sounds
dancerdudes - Weapon mods
stryker10 - Aimbot
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12 years ago
Program was removed from android market