Greedy Monkey:Puzzle Game FREE

By Casynco Games


Greedy Monkey - Help Jiggy the monkey get his lucky Banana! Think Fast! ツ

"4/5 Great Game! Fun and challenging,Smooth graphics and controls" -

Greedy Monkey is a physics puzzle game were you must help jiggy the monkey get his lucky Banana! Think Fast! ツ

Jiggy is starving and the only thing he wants is his lucky banana.

Help Jiggy get his banana by figuring out the puzzle to guide his banana to him! Try to get the banana to jiggy within a certain time to get 3 stars!

★★★ Features ★★★

✔ Can you beat each level in a certain time to get 3 stars?!
✔ Challenging physics gameplay
✔ Version 1.0 releases with 1 beautiful world and 30 unique levels.
✔ More worlds coming soon
✔ 60 seconds to complete each level
✔ Easy to plan for all ages!
✔ Physics Powered By Box2d
Game powered by AndEngine
Great top new FREE puzzle game! Relaxing game where you must figure out the puzzle to feed the monkey his banana. A simple, free, fun, and highly
10k - 50k
11 years ago
Program was removed from android market