Grand Theft Auto V (5) App

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Just like all the games in the series, GTA 3 consist of doing missions throughout liberty city however , like most players you'll find your self blowing off missions and getting into trouble with the police and other civilians of the city. The open world system of the GTA 3 is a great playground for you to run into trouble and do whatever you'd like. However if your more into following the game's storyline, the story is unchanged from the original if you were interested in beating it on your mobile device.

Overall Rockstar did a great job with this port. The game is just as fun as the original and let's players reminisce on their favorite GTA 3 moments when they played the game almost 10 years ago. With the $5 price tag, I would highly recommend you purchase this app, it's fun, very enjoyable, and hey, It's gta 3 on your iOS and Android device go nuts!






Grand Theft Auto 3 Anniversary App Review
Grand Theft Auto 3 Anniversary App Review
Grand Theft Auto 3 Anniversary App Review

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