Golf GPS Scorecard Lite

By Andrew Wang

[Golf GPS Scorecard Lite]
Version 1.1 provide the Live Leader-board functionality. Players can see the live Leader-Board in the same round.

This is a very simple and easy golf scorecard provides you the clarify user interface and basic scorecard functionality, like (1) Record the score, (2) Measure distance via Google map and (3) Provide game STATS. That's the reason why it is a lite version.

Beside that we also offer another more powerful Golf GPS Scorecard app. It can record the Geo position, club used and distance of your every shot in the game.

[document, Golf GPS Scorecard Lite]

[document, Golf GPS Scorecard]
★ Golf GPS Scorecard (GGS) Lite ★

A SIMPLY, EASY and USEFUL golf scorecard app for 4 players in the same time. The features of Golf GPS Scorecard
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10 years ago