Galaxy Note2 Wallpapers

By Xq55

The Galaxy phones used to all have scrolling wallpaper, but Samsung for some reason to get rid of the scrolling wallpaper ever since the later versions of Gingerbread, and it hasn't reappeared in ICS or Jelly Bean. There are 2 ways to get this cool effect back onto our Samsung Galaxy Note 2. One is to install an app called Landscape Wallpaper. But the problem with it is that it doesn't snap back when you reach the end of the image. And the other is to install a third party launcher such as Nova Launcher. There are a few positives and negatives with the Nova Launcher. For example the beautiful weather/clock widget that exists in the stock launcher is not available. The Application Monitor seems slow to update. Also, you lose the function of Page Buddy. The positives however is that you get scrolling wallpaper that is as good as when we had scrolling wallpaper on TouchWiz before Samsung decided to remove it.

Landscape Wallpaper:

Nova Launcher:

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Samsung Galaxy Note2 Wallpapers

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