Fresh Fish Live Wallpaper

By Virtual Aquarium

When it comes to fish, no other app comes close to the level of detail and interactivity than the Fresh Fish Live Wallpaper app for Android.

Here's how it works: Earn free coins and select from over 100 different unlocks to customize your virtual aquarium.

Tap the screen to get your fish's attention or unlock a number of settings such as feeding, swimming or playful acrobatics.

So there you have it, Fresh Fish, now available on Google Play.

If you like virtual aquarium live wallpapers, then check out the hot new Fresh Fish app for Android today. This lwp features over 95 unlocks ranging from saltwater to fresh water fish featuring everything from gold fish live wallpapers to shark live wallpapers. Unlock the fish food and you can now feed, startle or set your new pet to swim around your virtual tank! Fresh Fish is loads and fun and the perfect app for fish lovers all around who want to enjoy having virtual interactive fish bowl game on your Android's home screen!

Download it today for free on Google Play:
**UPDATED 09/27**

Turn your home screen into a virtual fish bowl with the all new Fresh Fish Live Wallpaper app featuring over 100 possible unlocks!
50k - 100k
12 years ago