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By SmartApps7

Daily Bible is not my favorite Bible app, nor my favorite Bible Verse Widget, nor my favorite audio Bible app (however, all those things are available in this app); but Daily Bible is by far the BEST app for Christian Podcasts! There are hundreds of podcasts available at any given time. And if you're like me and don't listen to podcasts in general you don't want an app dedicated to the millions of podcasts out there - you just want an app that has all your favorite Christian Podcasts! Daily Bible is the perfect app for that!

Daily Bible is available for FREE in the Google Play Android Market here:

It is also available for FREE in the Amazon Appstore.
Gospel podcast and Christian radio. Enjoy inspirational words of teaching and praise. Bible study, sermons and more.

Bible Teachings, scriptures
10k - 50k
10 years ago
Program was removed from android market