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Currency exchange rates allow you to determine how much of one currency you can exchange for another. Most exchange rates are determined by the foreign exchange market, known as forex. For this reason, exchange rates vary daily, depending on what traders think the currency is worth. This depends on a lot of factors, including Central Bank interest rates, the country's debt levels, and the strength of its economy.

This wonderful app 'Currency Watch' helps one to know the variation in the current currency market, historical rates, currency conversion calculator and much more of over 160 countries... The most interesting feature of this app is the notification it gives when a particular variation ( which you can manually provide) of your preferred currency exchange rates happens.

With this application on your mobile you don't need to take the effort of keeping an eye on your favorite currencies; instead this application does this time consuming, repetitive, boring task for you.

This is indeed an excellent application for those who trade currencies or those who does currency conversion quite frequently.
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