Blue EYE

By LiveWall


Extra deck
Five Headed Dragon
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon x2
Stardust Dragon x2
Red Dragon Archfiend x2
Colossal Fighter
Black Rose Dragon x2
Goyo Guardian
Iron Chain Dragon x2
Magical Android

Special Summon
Dark Armed Dragon

2 tributes
Blue Eyes White Dragon x3
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x3

no tributes
Red Eyes Wyvern
Ryko Lightsworn Hunter x2
Armageddon Kinght x2
Masked Dragon x3
Exploder Dragon x2
Totem Dragon
Gallis The Star Beast
Plaguespreader Zombie (hard to see in video)
Infernal Dragon x2
Blizzard Dragon x3

Lightning Vortex
Brain control
Monster Reborn
Dragons Mirror x2
Stamping Destruction x2
Future Fusion
Heavy Storm
Burden Of The Mighty

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast x2
compulsary evacuation device
Dark Bribe
Torrential Tribute
Dimensional Prison
Threatening Roar

as i dont have all the cards for the normal hopeless dragon deck (only missing a few cards) i got some help from liamdeno and we came up with a blue eyes white dragon version of the deck and it works pretty well...
Blue Eyes 3D Live Wallpaper is simple and colorful live wallpaper.

TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Blue Eyes Live
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11 years ago
Program was removed from android market