Alien free live wallpaper

By Infomedia BH

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Your own ET -- except that this one glows in the dark.

NO spyware, NO malware.

FREE BONUS backgrounds: broken screen and squashed mosquitoes.

The alien live wallpaper will give you what you've wanted ever since you saw ET for the first time -- a little green alien, all for yourself. This little alien, however, has one special super power -- it can glow in your dark -- giving your device this super power as well! Be careful while browsing your favorite apps -- the alien will be looking at what you're doing. All the time.

After the download you don't need internet connection to enjoy the application. This application will not download videos from the internet and waste your bandwidth.
Download once and enjoy for ever.

Once you have downloaded this live wallpaper the icon will not appear in your homescreen. To activate the application and access the settings, tap on the "Menu" button, select "Wallpapers", then select "Live Wallpapers". Scroll down to the live wallpaper icon and press "select wallpaper" to activate the application.
NO push notifications
NO spyware NO malware

FREE BONUS - cracked glass and squashed mosquitoes backgrounds

The alien live wallpaper will give you
10k - 50k
12 years ago