100 Missions

By MPI Games

Sorry that it took me so long but I'm a very busy man ;)


01:52 Solve the riddle at the briefcase (yeah it sucks) and collect the map, the key and the image

02:06 Collect the key under the cap and the ruler

02:22 Open the closet with the silver key and take the mic, the logbook and the ruler

02:35 Place the map in front of the globe, open it with the golden key and take the second image. Combine it with the first and you'll get a code

03:03 Open the safe behind the picture of a ship with that code and take the watch and the compass

03:44 Take the compass/circle next to the picture of Charles Fryatt (born 1872)

03:58 Take the pen next to the left computer

04:07 Take the power distributor under the left computer

04:19 Place the compasses (/circle), the rulers and the pen on the map in front of the globe and you'll receive some coordinates

04:48 Google Charles Fryatt's year of birth (1872)

04:52 Enter this number on the right computer, step back, open the second drawer and take the mic stand and the headset

05:14 Attach the power distributor to the plug, step back, place the combination of the mic stand with the mic and the headset at the radio set

05:51 Enter the coordinates at the radio set (41465014) and you'll get the code for the exit (6891)
From the makers of the hit logic puzzle game 100 Doors, MPI Games is proud to present 100 Missions!

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