YourKey™ Auto-Lock

By Next Access Technologies

The theft of personal identities is one of the most challenging problems in the world today. Every time a person using a computer or mobile communication device enters a user name and password, that person risks identity theft and exposure to financial and legal liabilities.

Next Access Technologies, LLC has developed the innovative YourKey™ "Free to Use" software to address this problem by providing web and mobile users the ability to employ a secure, easy-to-use, self-encrypted, one-time password. YourKey™ defeats many of the fraudulent means used by hackers and fraudsters to steal passwords such as key logging, shoulder surfing, phishing and pharming.
YourKey 2.0- Newly Updated. It's a new, free, fun-to-use game like auto-lock app that replaces the auto-lock app already installed on your Android
10k - 50k
11 years ago
Program was removed from android market