Statue Of Liberty Live Wallpap

By Zeellis Tech

Statue of Liberty Live Wallpaper: Apocalypse New York City in 2025 as apache looking helicopters fly overhead.

Set in New York City, the year is 2025.
Now all that is left is a city ruins, as smoke flows out of the buildings, guarded by apache looking helicopters and jets that keep watch overhead.
No one really knows who pushed the buttons first but when it was over the whole world laid in ruins from the apocalypse that followed.
Lightning is a daily occurrence from the nuclear fallout that happened after the war to end all wars.
The only thing left of this world is ruins caused by mass effect war where fire destroyed city after city.
The air force on call of duty 24 hours now patrol what is left of the city looking for survivors keeping there gun loaded at all times.
The only thing they know now is "why couldn't we all just get along" became the new anthem of the day.

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The beautiful Statue.

A beautiful Statue of Liberty reflecting in water.

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