Spider Man 5

By Sympatico

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solution for not saved game :
after you do all video steps..
through ifile, change documents permission to mobile - mobile
and the same thing to each file inside, ( from the blue arrow beside them, under " ownership " )
a pic to be clear :
http://i46.tinypic.com/2m6tpap.png u should see this as root, change it to mobile and do the same for all files ( inside game's documents folder ) and also do it to the folder itself

Want some more power for your character ?
It's pretty simple !,
This video shows you how to mod it and get FREE infinity money
Copy the following link and download it from your iDevice
using any download tweak / app,
unzip then copy " Documents " folder and browse to AmazingSpiderMan game folder then paste and overwrite your current one
Open the game and enjoy your new infinity cash !

Note : If you wanna do this from your computer then try iFunBox ( It doesn't need to be jailbroken ).. connect your device , open applications and select AmazingSpiderMan and replace Documents folder with the downloaded one


SSH to your device and do it using WinScp

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Spider Man live wallpaper.Pictures from film "Spider Man"
9 years ago
Program was removed from android market