By John Tooker

Smartphones typically don't have lots of personality however, with an Oddwerx Robot you can make your iPhone or Android phone into a fun, highly interactive robot, suitable to some of the most advanced robotics R&D problems.

Oddwerx is a platform that fuses together consumer, social robot applications, with advanced robotics R&D and allows for a wide array of open apps and accessories. It supports, both iPhone and Android phones, with connectivity for tablets such as iPad, and Android tablets. Oddwerx has a developer API, along with sample applications, and offers support for projects such as ROS from Willow Garage, Cloud Robotics from MyRobots.com and the Google Cellbots Project.

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For more information on the Oddwerx, check out http://www.oddwerx.com

For more info on OLogic: http://www.ologicinc.com
a.k.a. "Setback" or "High Low Jack"

1.15 Update: Tablet Support and bid to win preference

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