By Vivian Aranha

I took this video just now (1-27-2012-am), 3 days after I took the one I just posted. In both videos you can see that I am being blocked from logging into my account @livejournal and am being given an excuse NETWORK ERROR OCCURRED. I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that for over 3 days now, EVERYONE else who uses Livejournal hasn't been able to? I have an HTC T-Mobile android and it works fine. Either way, I don't believe anyone else is having this same issue. I noticed from things that are actually showing in STATISTICS as far as popularity .. the only link that shows up to the public is the one
I posted using the LJ LIVEJOURNAL BEETLE app. I am so interested in using the LJ Beetle app because obviously the way the coding is written My Captors are not able to HACK the mechanisms of the way it publicizes my story. I believe 100% that is the reason why I am receiving that error 24/7 and I also believe the engineers know LJ Beetle causes them problems as well and that is why they are hacking my app. I don't want any excuses from Livejournal who "mentioned" me on Twitter acting like they want to help. If this problem isn't happening to anyone else who uses the LJ Beetle app since 1-24-2012 then it shouldn't happen to me and if it continues to happen only to me it PROVES that Livejournal is involved in the Yahoo Inc. / Sacramento FBI Murder Scandal Cover up by knowingly letting their network get hacked every time I try to login from LJ Beetle.
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