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Through the sales of the TouchPad there are a lot of new webOS users being exposed to our wondrous platform. If you've been following the news, blogs and even this site you may have noticed there's a lot of buzz regarding homebrew on the TouchPad. One of the marvelous things about webOS is that, unlike iOS and Android, adding custom software and tweaking the performance is incredibly easy. Unlike the aforementioned platforms there's no need for complicated "rooting" or "Jailbreaking" of a webOS device to enable homebrew functionality. Between the wonderful folks at WebOS Internals and Jason Robitaille they have come up with a powerful 1-2 punch that makes it easier and more convenient to tweak the performance of your device than any other platform. I'm talking about webOS Quick Installer and Preware. We are going to walk you through unlocking the hidden potential of your TouchPad two ways: with step-by-step instructions and with a video tutorial. Let's roll up our sleeves and get started

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HomeUnlock. With this simple and useful application you will be able to disable the screen lock in your phone when you are in a safe place like your
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