Free GBA Emulator

By Z App

gameboid -

Free Roms:
(you can download straight from your phone)

Gameboid Bios File Download:

use these instructions at your own risk i am not responsible for how you use these instructions. i do not own in any way any files or links that are provided.

(Connect usb or or insert SD to your Computer after downloading )
1. Download Linda File manager from the app market its free. the Emulator and Bios from the links above

3.connect phone or SD card to computer and make a folder to for the emulators.

4. Copy and paste the files in the folder then disconnect

5.Open Linda file manager open the folder for that you made find the file then hit Install(after its installed it will ask for the bios then select them)

6. when that stage is completed you should be able to play the roms which you can get from cool rom and place on your phone or sd. When you put the rom on your phone dont put the folder there put the actual game file. you can make a folder for the games if you want like i did in the video

7. open the gamboid app hit the options button on your phone go to load and and select the rom you placed on the phone.

8. It should be running after that
This is the full unrestricted version of the most advanced android emulator for Gameboy advance.

1. Works with almost all Gameboy advance
10k - 50k
Program was removed from android market